For Sale

1976 Chevy Nova

We bought it so this would be a fix up project for my husband and his son. Time got in the way and only my husband’s time was spent on the car… 🙂 The motor is rebuilt and so is the transmission. The battery and tires are new. The car does run. We drove it to the man that did the beautiful paint job, of which we spent $13k on. The interior and exterior has been restored to the original colors. When they painted the car, the mufflers were removed for painting. Since then, we towed the car to Texas and it has just been parked in my 40 x 60 workshop taking up room.

The engine is a 250 – 6 cylinder – Automatic. The company that did the new upholstery did such a wonderful job.
We just want someone else to complete the work that we started on this restoration project. We have almost all of the parts that it will take to complete the car in the trunk. We just want to sell the car.


We are asking $10k and in our review of the cars, that seems very fair.

Sharon McGee Rusk