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President’s Message December 2017

Posted on January 4, 2018 in Club Communication

Happy Holidays members!
Getting ready for the Holidays is a big deal. So much to do and buying gifts for family members especially grand children.  Things cost so much more than they use to in reflection of the “Good Ole Days.” But that’s progress, as you well know. There is so much comparison to the old days on the internet.  But we are past that now and nothing we can do about that, as Forrest Gump would say.
So here we are at the end of another year. Reflecting back over this past year our Club has been pretty busy with many activities under our belt. Members made plans for us and many of us went along for the cruises and tours. Looking back as we were reminiscing through the pictures that we took brought a lot of smiles and memories for me & Kay. From taking road trips to different towns, visiting wineries, checking out historical sites, cruising in our Chevy’s to Arkansas to see the Hot Springs, or cruising to Top Notch for Burgers or even donating to Charities… we enjoy the time together. It will not stop here though, this new year we will continue to stay active as a Club. I’m quite sure that you are thinking of what you can do to form a gathering for us all to enjoy. It really is not hard to do. So many places in Austin and the surrounding areas to go visit. Many of the historical & governmental museums and galleries in and around Austin would make great day trips for us.
In a short time we will be attending our Annual Holiday Dinner at the Oasis. Looks like we will be having a great turn out again. Kathy & her team made our plans and the schedule is full. With the new officers elected to serve our Club and provide positive leadership we should be in good hands.