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President’s Message February 2018

Posted on February 3, 2018 in Club Communication

I want to thank all of you members who attended our Club meeting last month. I understand that a few of you could not make it for various reasons, but the turnout was great. The slate of officers last year discussed and agreed on our year awards for all members. After a long and frustrating ordeal with the company, the pins arrived in time for the January meeting. The pins acknowledge many years of dedication to our Club in 5 year increments. It was impressive to show the length of years that many members have supported our CTCCC. Those of you who were not at the meeting will hopefully be at the Feb. meeting and receive yours. Thank you all for supporting and being a crucial part of the CTCCC.

Our plans are in place for many activities during this coming year. There are a number of events taking place and if you can’t make them all you will definitely have fun in the ones that you can attend. I sent out a Activity Schedule already and had to make one correction in it. We will try to keep the schedule up to date. Hopefully you will make a printed copy of it and keep it handy to refer to and not miss an activity.

Once again Mary has planned a Roaring Fork luncheon for us and it looks like Mary has a nice list of those attending. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Hopefully we will have many classic cars at this event. Let’s try to keep them all parked together.

At our Feb. meeting, I asked Kristen Boutwell from Longhorn Promotions to attend and tell you about their business. They are the original Embroidery company that we used to have our shirts, jackets and caps made for over 25 years they still do some work for us. If you have the Official selected Club garments, Polo shirts in Red, White or Blue, Denim Shirts long or short sleeved, Club light weight jacket in Dark Blue or Black or caps in Red, White or Blue, bring them to the meeting and Kristen will take them to have the embroidery work applied. I will pick them up when they are ready. It is always less expensive when a large order is sent in.

Thank you and we will see you at the Casa Garcia’s on February 15ths. meeting..