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President’s Message January 2018

Posted on January 22, 2018 in Club Communication

January 2018 News Letter

Happy New Year members, 2018 will be a great year once again for our Club. Our last year was full of planned and unplanned trips and events. A few new members joined in with us and we are very excited to have them. Adding new Classics to our pool of already beautiful cars just adds more class when we show up to an event. This year will be our 39th year since we were formed. It sure does not seem to be that long ago but it has been. We have stayed pretty busy for all those years. At our End of Year Party for our awards and to celebrate the Christmas Season a poll was taken to determine which end of town our January meeting would be held. It was decided that we will be north in January at Mimi’s and what prompted this was due to the fact that I have some very important business to conduct for our membership and I need all of our members present. We always have a larger turn out south but since the vote carried for a north meeting I hope that you can make it. This is important so I hope you will be at the meeting on Jan18th. at Mimi’s.

Speaking of the CTCCC Party at the Oasis, I want to express my thanks to Kathy Cornelius, Connie and Wanda for making this a wonderful time for all. Many thanks to Linda and Ed Volek along with Taylor for handling the fun time at the gift exchange. It was fun and moved along very well. The top 20 members who tallied 200 or more points from the past year were awarded an 8 inch clock, in their choice of color, with our Club Logo and the wording of Participation Award 2017. We only had 16 members who qualified and hopefully next year we will have more. A few members asked if they could get a clock without the Award wording, so I am taking orders for anyone who would like a Club Logo Clock in your choice of color saying “Tri-5 Chevy Club since 1979” in place of it. They are $15 each for RED, BLACK, WHITE, SILVER or GOLD. Any other color add $3.00, even your car color.

The Top Award for 2017 “Igo Award” was voted on by members and presented to Barbara & Joel Parish for their 1957 Chevy 4 door Hardtop.

The “Technical Achievement Award” voted on by members was awarded to Marilyn & Don Peterson for their 1955 Chevy 2 door Sedan.

The President’s Award was selected by me for members who have assisted and continually step up in support of the Club. This year’s award was presented to Margaret & Pat Corbell for their outstanding dedication.

New Officers for 2018 are for VP, Don Peterson. The Aguilar’ s for Secretary position, Thomas Zavaleta has taken over Robin’s Website and Directory position, Cindy Lambert is our Wellness Liaison., Pat Corbell Newsletter, Treasurer Kay Bowen, and Dan Bowen as President. My thanks to Sonny Ables, and Robin Raben for all the service they have helped the Club with for many years.

Kay and I both want to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.