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President’s Message March

Posted on March 5, 2018 in Club Communication


President’s Message

Well, we are off to a very soggy start in our car show season. Many of you tried to attend the shows around but had to cancel due to the rain. Hopefully, this rain will come to some kind of slow down and give us some sunshine. The humidity is hampering me from doing some media blasting on my 56 and really delaying me from making any progress on the car. I am buying the parts I need but only storing them for right now.
Our meeting at Casa Garcia’s was well attended by a few members who we haven’t seen in awhile came out. The CTCCC Membership Year pins were passed out to those who attended but we still have a few more to give out. Hopefully, at the March meeting, this will be accomplished. At the meeting, it was brought up that the Club honor Jim Sellstrom, who has been a very long member in good standing and is unable to attend any of the Club functions, a lifetime membership. This was approved and passed by the membership. Jim, we are very proud of you as a member and a friend. Our parking was very limited due to the facelift that the shopping center was getting. Hopefully, the next time we are there we will have our front row parking back. Actually, the owners and employees of Casa Garcia’s were very disappointed that we were not able to show off our cars.
As Kay brought up at the meeting, Cindi Lambert is our wellness contact to report to in the event of an illness of our members. Kay asked that you place Cindi’s phone contact into your cell phones for this purpose.

Kay being the Club Treasurer, also mentioned that only a few members have not sent in the CTCCC Dues yet for 2018. Dues are $25 and are due this month. If you haven’t paid this will be your last newsletter. Just a note, some members have already pay a few months in advance to prevent from being late. So please send in your 2018 dues to Kay and make the check out to CTCCC. We don’t want to lose you as a member. You are important to us.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, March 18th. at the Lien’s home in Georgetown. There should be directions to this in this newsletter. It will be once again a potluck, so check with Janie as to what you might bring for all to enjoy.
Get your car out and play with it…